Who we are


Our vision is to be the church of Mount Vernon, where everyone can come as they are and leave better than they were.

We are here to glorify Jesus and make disciples (followers) for Him.
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Core Values 


The Bible has been inspired by God for our instruction and example. While nearly forty men wrote the Bible, God authored the Bible. It is unchanging and unfailing.


Coming to church is the opportunity to experience a life-giving, life-changing relationship with God. We worship God according to biblical example and practice. We enjoy liberty in worship as the presence of God moves in our midst.


We teach and preach the same biblical message the apostles preached in the book of Acts. We teach the biblical message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance from sin, water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, and the infilling of the Holy Ghost. God’s plan of salvation is summed up in the Bible in Acts chapter 2:38 and supported throughout all the Bible.


Everyone is gifted by God and offered an opportunity to (minister) serve, so everyone has an opportunity to serve in our church and in our community.


God was manifest in flesh in the man Jesus Christ and died for our sins. He rose again and now lives in us through the Holy Spirit.


Family was the first unit God created, even before He created a church. As our families grow in their relationship with God, they will grow in their relationship with each other and our church family will be stronger.


Phone and Fax
Office (740) 393-1676
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1635 West 229
PO Box 688
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050