Homecoming 2k18


Start practicing now for our annual skeet shoot on Oct. 13  at noon. We encourage all who are comfortable shooting a firearm. Location: 1623 Old Delaware Rd. Mount Vernon OH (on church campus(740-398-1676)



BARBEQUE! Prepare your nostrils for a sweet, tangy or spicy aroma underneath our pavilion right next to the church! We invite you to join us on Oct. 13 at 5:00pm! Activities will be provided for students and adults alike! #seeyouthere

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We expect to meet Jesus every time we get together! On October 14, we invite you to join us for an encounter with Jesus, you’ll never forget! Come home on the 14th of October. No strings attached, we miss you if we know you and we want to meet you if we don’t. If you’ve not be to our services in a while, below is a few messages to get you started. #homecoming2k18

Pastor LJ Harry is a tremendous and talented speaker. He’s traveled the world speaking to students and adults alike. Using his ability to tell a story he encourages the listeners to follow Jesus’ example –glorifying God and making disciples along the way! We are excited and honored to have him as our morning speaker on Oct. 14, 2018! You’ll laugh and cry under his ministry! @ljandandrea #awesome #ministrygiants #greatfamily 


– Pastor LJ. Harry

Bishop Kramer is a great communicator of the word of God. He’s passion will bleed through as you listen on Oct. 14, 2018 at 6pm. His seasoned ministry produces helpful nuggets of truth. His experience and life’s story will astound and encourage you on and off the pulpit/lectern. P.S. He has a pretty good sense of humor. You’ve been warned #lol #BishopKramer #humorous


– Bishop Duane Kramer